Only Eight Days Left in The Booby Blog Project Kickstarter Campaign!

Dear Friends,

Have you been meaning to pledge to The Booby Blog Project on Kickstarter and just haven’t taken a moment to do it? Well, if so, now is the time! We are fasting approaching the deadline by which I must reach my goal. This morning, we are at 62%. Please consider supporting this project now, and generously. I’d appreciate it if you’d also share the link to The Booby Blog Project Kickstarter Link.

Most of you probably understand how Kickstarter works: If I don’t reach the goal, I don’t receive any money (and of course your credit card is not charged, either). So it’s essential that you make a pledge through Kickstarter if at all possible. If you don’t like to do online pledging, please contact me and we’ll work it out so you can contribute another way.

Some good news: The Cancer Foundation for New Mexico has agreed to sponsor two free workshops I am giving for women with breast cancer in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am thrilled to have this chance to share my experience and inspiration with others while learning from them as well.

Hollis Walker