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When journalist Hollis Walker decided to make a midlife career change, she went to seminary, was ordained as an interfaith minister and trained as a clinical chaplain. But she never imagined she would most need those skills in order to heal herself. Just two years after her ordination and less than a year after finishing her training as a clinical chaplain, Walker discovered a lump in her breast. “The Booby Blog: A Cancer Chronicle,’’ is a synthesis of a private blog Walker wrote for friends and family during her illness and the private cancer journal in which she recorded her more personal responses. “The Booby Blog” is a raw, critical and often funny tale of navigating one’s way through life-threatening illness. Walker examines how the medical establishment fails the patient, how friends respond when one is sick, and how facing mortality challenges long-cherished beliefs. Walker’s background as a clinical chaplain affords her a unique perspective on spirituality, healing and medicine that will inspire anyone facing similar challenges. In addition to ordination as a minister, Walker is a certified spiritual director and board-certified clinical chaplain (BCCC). She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism and has received dozens of writing awards.