Welcome to The Booby Blog Project!

Welcome to The Booby Blog Project, a multifaceted endeavor based on my new book, The Booby Blog: A Cancer Chronicle, available from amazon.com (paperback and Kindle versions) or as an e-book in other formats from smashwords.com.

On this site you’ll find excerpts from the book—now out in print and e-book formats —as well as my blog about breast cancer and related body/mind/spirit topics. You’ll also find a calendar of events related to the book’s launch and promotion, as well as information about my upcoming monologue.

I started the Booby Blog when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2012, as a way to easily keep friends and family informed about my health. Soon it became a place where I could rant about our broken health care system, process my own psychological issues related to having cancer, and laugh at myself, the system, and cancer itself. Friends shared the blog with others, and people started telling me I should publish it.

During the same time I was writing the Booby Blog, I was keeping my own private cancer journal, where I wrote about some of the same issues, but also other struggles I thought perhaps I should keep to myself. But over time it became clear, through my conversations with other women who had breast cancer, that they, too, were trying to wade through the muck of those “secrets.” Ultimately I decided to put the Booby Blog and cancer journal entries together into a book, hence The Booby Blog: A Cancer Chronicle.

By then I’d decided I wanted to develop a workshop for women with breast cancer called “Empowering Ourselves to Heal,” based on my personal experience but also on my background as a minister and clinical chaplain. I now offer a regular support group by that title for women with breast and reproductive cancer in my hometown of Santa Fe, sponsored by the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico.I also give talks to groups on the same topic, how we empower ourselves to heal from any serious illness.

Soon I decided that I had still more to say about the breast cancer experience as I reflected on it. Some of what I had to say seemed more suited to stand-up comedy than a somber, ministerial response. So part of the Booby Blog Project is a monologue that I hope will help us laugh at the whole thing—our boobs and what they mean to us, the insanity of our medical system, the inelegant responses of friends, the insensitivity of our caregivers, and more. The monologue is still in the works at this writing (May 2015).

This website is intended to support the Booby Blog Project and to provide an alternative source of information about breast cancer—not the clinical stuff, since I’m not a licensed medical practitioner—but the stuff about feelings. I’ll post blog entries as it seems appropriate, book reviews and interviews and whatever else fits. Maybe some of it will be of use to others with breast cancer or chronic illnesses, and those who love them.

I hope you’ll fill in the “sign up” form so I can let you know when I post new entries. And I look forward to hearing your responses.

Your companion on the journey,


P. S. The beautiful artwork on the cover of my book is by Santa Fe-based artist Alexandra Eldridge. You can see more of her work on Facebook and on her website, alexandraeldridge.com


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